Posted by: coatessr | 12 May, 2011

The Day of Three.

Today is a good day. There’s nothing innately different from yesterday, nor, I’m sure, from tomorrow. It just has a good feel. So we at PNM thought we’d spread the May joy.

And what better way than to introduce the unknown, enjoy the famed, and examine the halfway-house?

The unknown is Joshua Price. Playing under the pseudonym SCRIBER, the singer-songwriter boasts less than 150 people on his facebook page and is yet to have a account (one sign of fame…) and still this unknown 20-something managed to pull a supporting role at James Vincent McMorrow’s Cardiff gig. Stepping onto the stage with an aura of anxiety and thanking everyone from his parents to the venue management, SCRIBER abolished any sense of fear with his slow-picked acoustic and his hauntingly monotonous voice. His stand-out song was without doubt ‘Holland House’, a tale of a bereft relationship and longing which is epitomised in the line ‘there’s a sea between us, and I can’t swim’. Its macabre tone may seem depressingly defeatist, yet manages to soothe the soul. Any essence of amateur  bedroom-recording is washed away in the single with a strong production and subtle string backing. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, SCRIBER is worth definitely worth a listen.

SCRIBER – Holland House

Onto the Famed. As many are aware, Elbow’s fifth album Build a Rocket Boys! was released some time ago. Now with such a variety of music being released on a daily basis it is fair to say Elbow manage to pierce that perfect middle between mainstream and indie. Guitar rock may be a step too far, yet their single ‘Lippy Kids’ is steeped in calming goodness which soars to a choral pinnacle which echoes the album title. This is by no means a new-to-the-day record, but is a warming sound which is thoroughly enjoyable on a day like today!

Elbow –Lippy Kids

Finally the halfway-house. The Antlers are a name which will strike the indie world with memories of cancer-patients, hospital romance and violent depression. Their second LP Hospice was a triumph of emotion, varying from whispered longing to screaming petulance. Its release in 2009 led to a mass swell of positive reviews and album of the year lists, while it captured an audience on a par with Bon Iver’s similar explosion to fame the year before. Burst Apart, the difficult follow-up, was released just two days ago in the US and marks a distinct change in tone and instrumentation. With a more positive feel, the LP may be ‘nothing like their last album’ to the Antler purist, but an interesting change in direction to everyone else. While it holds a couple of strong tracks – ‘Parentheses‘ & ‘Putting the Dog to Sleep‘ in particular (the latter having a very similar feel to the Hospice sound) – our favourite is the almost instrumental ‘Hounds’ which is perfect sleep music, mixing frontman Silberman’s falsetto voice with a clear, repetitive guitar riff.

The Antlers – Hounds

Whichever hits your musical spot, this spectrum of musical fame hits ours.


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